MD Medical Group and Children's Health Clinics.

Years before Children's Health and MD Medical Group agreed to start a business, both parties had a mutual interest. "This has always been the case." Well, we should do something together, "said Álvaro Saenz, CEO of MD Medical.

In May, the coins finally met: Children's agreed to sell 13 of its 17 clinics to MD Medical, becoming a minority member of the for-profit clinic operator through the agreement. The transaction closed in June. For MD Medical, this meant immersing itself more in the predominantly Medicaid patient communities it serves, while gaining support from the country's eighth largest pediatric health system. For children, this meant creating an unsustainable model of primary care without giving up participation in the game. (Three of the clinics closed by Children were not sold and she maintains full control over the location of the health center for Dallas children.)

"Seeing primary care was not like we could do it alone," said Julie Hall-Barrow, Senior Vice President, Network Development and Innovation at Children's. "He has built a natural partnership with MD Medical from the point of view of efficiency and, most importantly, from the point of view of access."

As Saenz told the PD-CEO when the news was announced, the children's clinics attended "exactly the same populations" in "almost the same area" as the MD Medical facilities, which are named Clinics My Doctor and from MD Family. . MD Medical is located in low-income neighborhoods such as South Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, Garland and West Dallas, among others.

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