HealthKart, your online health instructor

Spending 8 to 10 hours of work does not feel like spending time training and exercising. All we want is to go home and relax. But it hurts our body. It does not allow us to live a healthy life. Today, life has been so hectic that we want to do everything with online clicks. We click and order our food, our clothes and everything we want. But what about our health check? It would have been handy if there had been an online checkup. To solve all our health problems, here we have an online health mentor, HealthKart.

About HealthKart

HealthKart is an online health care store, founded in 2010 by Prashant Tandon, a Harvard graduate, and Sameer Maheshwari, a Stanford graduate. healthy foods and beverages for health and health We can think hundreds of times before buying supplements, on their authenticity, quality, etc. In this case, we really should not worry, because we get a 100% genuine product in HealthKart. Therefore, for healthy supplements, we no longer need to look for different stores. More than 200 authorized brands and suppliers registered on their website. Apart from that, they also have a HealthKart Consulting app, where we can get online consultations on our health issues. In addition, you can find an HK coach on your website that informs us about our daily calorie needs. They help us know what our body needs and what is the right product.


In July 2016, HealthKart raised the US $ 12,000,000 in seed money from Sequoia Capital India, with Omidyar Network and Kae Capital.


In a highly competitive market, it is very difficult to start. But with a team of four and with their own economy of 15 lakh RS, they launched the launch and succeeded. Today they work in teams of about 400 people. In 2011, they were able to raise $ 1,000,000 from the innovative investment fund Kae Capital and select investor Sequoia Capital.

In the future

HealthKart will use these funds to develop its offline stores. Currently, they have 2 stores that plan to spend up to 7-8. They would also focus on the fitness segment. Large-scale management operations, which go directly through the manufacturers of different categories, forming the right and largest team, are some of the points they plan to address on a larger scale.

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