Marketing ideas for insurance agents

1. Apply Content Marketing

As an insurance agent, you have a lot of attention to customers who need insurance policy now. However, in addition, you have to pay attention to keeping customers connected to those transactions during months and years. In this phase of life, it is not relevant to customers to see posts about insurance requirements. Instead, share and send content which is full of applicable information that does not matter if they are in the insurance process. Thus you live at the top of the mind so that you remember when you calculate it.

2. Reduce social media

Most of all are using social media, but as a insurance agent, are you currently using channels to enhance and improve your company? Make your goal by 2018, which you did not say. When you think about clients and possibilities, you'll get them online.

There is a mistake that insurance agents are posting information about "insurance" only with social media. Create creative and content in your entire pages that are suspicious and valuable, whether they are in the market for policy. Post interesting questions and ask your network to take part in the comments in their special ideas, and be sure to respond if they do. This is the second solution to engaging with your customers and prospective clients that is fun and does not feel like work.

3. Monitor your online reviews

Users have lots of power to make your company's credentials, such as sites through Google reviews, standby and Facebook reviews. In fact, 97% of the users read online reviews in 2017 for local businesses and 85% of the users believe in most online recommendations as individual recommendations. With such a percentage, it is necessary to review online and join your business activities for 2018.

Think how to do this? The quick answer is to complete the great work and welcome customers who want to endure you. Customers could not understand how valuable these reviews are for you, so it's time to look at this review. If you want to touch the base to help build your online review, we asked how to ask 10 suggestions.

In order to manage your online reputation, you must be able to monitor and address sites. Being able to leave positive reviews can leave a person a poor person. The easiest way to deal with any negative review is as follows: Ask questions and discover that the future situation in the future can be highly appreciated. Understand that you will not be able to please 100% of each customer, and that's fine. Do your best work and provide customer care and your loyal customer base will increase and make your positive reviews.

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