Meditation influences the way we examine it

Many history and other studies show that meditation can be a powerful element of mental and health. A new study has been suggested that there may be any other information: Helping us learn faster than the past.
In the new education, the research of America's surrealism has focused on other forms of meditation in the US - "Psychological" - and how it is to teach someone how to learn.

This is the way to take care of one burning light about one thing or to keep his soul, for example and purpose on some point.

People often use ignorance to consider in another way, because it is easy to learn and easy to learn.

"Maintenance is a strong physical and mental function, reducing passionate pressure and improving the behavior of the disease," Professor said. Bertram Opitz

But can we also help us learn how to quickly understand our thoughts from the answers or information we received from the past?

Paul Knitl of Professor Opint, Ph.D. In the Syrian university, he insisted that the answer was a question.

Both of them are trying to publish, publish, and publish the published journal in the Journal of Neuroscope.

Learning something from the wrong point

Researchers have worked with people who think of people who did not think seriously. 30 of nine known as Buddha, nine recipients, two in Kenny Gang, and others who did not consider it.As a result of this study, researchers have trained that students need to work well with their jobs, they need to choose the photos that will give them a second prize.In this event, participants see many pictures, with each of the different salary options selected.Researchers have claimed that those who were used for meditation were successful to choose the photos that are associated with the care of their colleagues.Sena, professor of Opitz and Knitl, has shown that studies often learn from good results, if they do not think they can learn from bad things.Says People, a leading psychologist Knitl, "People are thinking for more than 2000 years, but the situation in this situation is not unknown.""Our final results show that at the absolute end they respond more accurately than any medicine, which can help some psychological factors."

This is due to the digestive brain

In the second study, the teacher examined the workings of their electroprocessor (EGs), a method for transmitting electrical events in the human mind.

As shown by OEA, responding to other responses follows the same method of positive positive behavior and response to the most negative thoughts.

One of the researchers of experimental negative information is practically practicing.

A health system that plays an important role in psychological and physical cohabitation can often change drugs. Of course, your face is wrong.

Scientists argue that the number of archaeologists is lower than cancer patients. This is the best educational hints for specific reasons. .

What we have found is that [meditation] can [...] affect our emotions, e.g. If we are quick to learn from our mistakes or keep on doing so before we get the right answer. "

"If it is the last [way], it can affect the work or classes of people." People can benefit from consideration of their help or the return of their education. "Professor opens to try.

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