Le gel en aérosol peut réduire la propagation du cancer après la chirurgie

An anti-cancer cancer gel that causes an immune system can help stop the recurrent tumor and spread after surgery.
Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) are the main team developing the gel, which is in the form of a diffusion solution.

Their goal is that someday, surgeons will be able to spray solutions at tumor collection sites immediately after surgery.

The solution, which quickly creates a biodegradable gel, contains nanoparticles soaked with drugs that "wake up" the immune system.

Substance testing in mice operated on to remove advanced melanoma tumors yielded promising results.

Half of the mice remained tumor-free at least 60 days after treatment.

Scientists say the treatment not only prevents recurrence of cancer at the site of surgery, but also helps stop tumors in other parts of the body.

The study report on his work is now included in the journal Nature Nanotechnologi.

Cancer is dangerous because it spreads

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "She is the leading cause of death in the world." We can make death by 9.6 million until the cancer in 2018 just said.

"One of the features of the Distribution Balance," Gu Zhen, and co-author of the study Samuel UCLA School of Engineering Bioengineering Physician said.

Cancer prevalence is called metastasis. This is the main cause of cancer death and it is a challenge to the treatment program.

Many who the Lord leads to a diagnosis of cancer, surgical treatment.

Early breast cancer is almost 95% of the operation. "People on the brain tumor, surgery is the first line of therapy."

Despite an increase in the last 10 years after surgery, it is often cancer and that it returns ....

The healing gel gradually eliminates anticancer drugs

The sprayable gel comprises nanoparticles of calcium carbonate with antibodies that attack the CD47 protein.

One of the ways in which cancer cells fight the immune system is to release CD47, which sends the "do not eat" sign.

While the gel still helps the bacteria to heal, slowly removes the anti-immune nanoparticles.

Author of Leadership Studies Dr. Qian Chen, who works as a teacher of prof. Gu explains that they made the decision to make nanoparticles from calcium carbonate because the brain slowly breaks down the wound area of the treatment.

Calcium carbonate also improves the function of the body's cells called macrophages, Dr. Chen adds.

Add macrophages and T cells

Macrophages are one of the cells of one of the cells that try to attack the drug and remain "for all medical developments." ,

These white blood cells contribute to other organisms and cell contamination. His name comes from the Greek "big light".

"We also learned," said Dr. Chen. "This gel can cause T cells to cause one of the long-term injuries of cancer."

There are only a few steps to clear the vaccine until it is suitable for human problems.

Additional animal research determines certain goods. This involves the visualization of various types of nanoparticles that are carried in medicines and treatments.

"This attack is a major threat to cancer."

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