A medicine against diabetes and hypertension kills cancer cells ...

A new study published in the journal Cell Reports receives a drug that kills cancer cells by destroying them.
Metformin is a common medicine that is resistant to type 2 diabetes.

It reduces blood sugar by reducing the elimination of glucose from diarrhea and sugar emissions from nutrients.
The drugs also treat insulin protection by strengthening insulin cells, as well as treating dysentery and reducing body weight in people without diabetes or prediabetes.

Recently, scientists have uncovered additional drugs. Experts advise metformin to fight polycystic ovarian disease and some researchers suggest that drugs can improve self-control and help manage the daily cycle.

Others even suggest that metformin can improve long periods of time. Animal studies have shown that medications can influence the effects of age-related hygiene and hygiene, and clinical trials of metformin results in humans are still present.

About two years ago, researchers at the biozentrum of the University of Basel in Switzerland discovered that metformin, as well as blood pressure, could prevent the development of cancerous tumors.

In the new study, scientists have shown how this drug function works: metformin and antihypertensive syrosantopine reduce cancer cancer, a result of cancerous infections.

The new study was undertaken by Biozentrum in collaboration with Don Benjamin Pharmaceutica International Ltd. Don Benjamin, of the Biozentrum, is the first speaker of the study.

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